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What To Wear

Studio Photography Shoot

When shooting in the studio please try to steer away from wearing white tops or pants. This is just so we can see you and you are not just a floating head. If you are of a pale completion, try to stay away from any colours that may wash you out on the white backdrop also.


When having a lifestyle shoot remember to dress according to the weather. If its cold wrap up, if its wet bring wellys and a brolly (the funkier the better!!) if its sunny dress to impress.

Remember, how you dress will determine the style of the shoot so don’t wear stilettos and an evening gown if you want shots climbing trees.


For both styles of shooting please try to steer away from BIG logos or slogans. This will ensure when you go back to your photographs in so many years time you are not regretting your choice of band or celebrity.