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About Us

Red Daisy Photography is made up of a husband and wife team who have a love of photography. Each artist has a specialist field or shall we say art form which they can draw from to bring you and your family breathtaking and unique imagery. Each with their own unique approach to photography, yet equally energetic personalities, the Red Daisy team create a fun and memorable experience to your Family, Lifestyle and Portraiture shoots.  Nicky and Marc are experienced photographer and have been published in magazines around the world, have done international advertising campaigns, taught photography in the UK and abroad, have clients all over the world and even a campaign for a major London 2012 event!
Meet Nicky:

Nicky is the hyper, bouncy, enthusiastic and undoubtedly talented, internationally recognised photographer of the team. A long description, but every word of it true. She is also the business brain of the Red Daisy team. Her images capture movements and expression in a way like no other. Her work has been sort after by commercial clients the world over for advertising and fine art. Nicky is able to see and capture moments during a shoot that can often be missed and is constantly working with Children and Parents to capture the moments every parent wants to have framed on their wall.

Meet Marc:

Marc is the technical genius (the geeky member) of Red Daisy Photography having an unparalleled enthusiasm for all the ins and outs of developing and nurturing the studio where Red Daisy is based.  His technical expertise means he has a natural preference to photographing in the studio and uses the lighting to beautiful affect.  He also has a huge passion for people from teaching to photographing and really enjoys working with families and children.

As a team we both also run courses from the studio teaching other photographers the skills they use to capture the beautiful images they do.

We all look forward to meeting you and your families,

The Red Daisy Team.